Connect Consulting Agency is a boutique marketing agency based in Gresham, OR.  We provide a wide range of marketing services to insurance firms including agents, MGA's and Wholesalers. Our staff have degrees in journalism from the University of Oregon and have taken advanced classes in CPCU and ARM.


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Improved web page ranking on five key words. 

Increased fans/likes. Increased conversations through contests and questions 




Improved click through

rate by 55%




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Social media companies offer their services to all industries. At Connect Consulting, we only serve the insurance industry.


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"Bob, thank you for all your efforts on our behalf.  Working closely with you over these months perfecting our approach really paid off."     


                                                     Marc Anderson, PPS

"Bob, your three hour presentation was very well received; you are very knowledgeable and informative."

                                                                      Jean Burkholder


Hey Bob!  Just got a good look at the RA Facebook page.  Wow!  Sooooo much better!!!  And good content!

David Crow 

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