February 7, 2019

The best relationships are built to last.  Long-term financial relationships are much more than a quick transaction or low price.  Recent surveys by JD Power & Associates found that consumers actually valued long-term relationships.  There are many ways agents can build value and create lasting positive relationships with their clients.

Why Lasting Relationships Matter

If you listen to m...

May 24, 2018

You can read articles every day on the internet about how traditional selling is dead, and that we all need to embrace the new age of selling.  Here are some of the titles of articles on selling I found during an internet search this last month.

“Selling is Dead, Sales Live On”

“Social Media is the New Producer”

“Is Relationship Selling Dead?”

“How to Sell--New Age Terms”

“Sell with Intensity”


December 22, 2017

Insurance agents should always be considered a trusted advisor. As such, there are many unique skill sets an agent should possess. Without these skills you run the risk of having the wrong insurance program, being un-informed regarding your risks, and be frustrated whenever you call or meet with your agent.

Here are some of the skills of a trusted advisor

  • Has under taken additional training in...

April 5, 2017

There are many great Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs available today. However, one of the problems is that they can be expensive and may offer more options than many small businesses need. CRM programs can cost anywhere from $400 to $1,000 for a program you install on your hard drive. If you use a web based product you may end up spending $60 or more per month per user.

Many of yo...

February 10, 2017

Do you ever sit down with your team and complete a customer service review? If you don’t, let me try to convince you of its value. A customer service review is like an annual physical. It is necessary for the health of the agency, and it helps everyone better understand the client’s needs. Your review should include the producer, account manager, claims person, and any other team member that tou...

February 2, 2017

Traditional insurance “selling”has not always gone hand in hand with good customer service.Traditional insurance selling often consists of a sales person trying to convince a buyer of the benefits of the product he/she is selling. Conversely, good customer service involves determining the customer’s needs and concerns first, and then determining how to best provide solutions. The difference is i...

December 24, 2015



As you work through the sales process it is important to develop an understanding of the prospect. Here are a few good questions for you to consider.


General Understanding

  • How does your company measure success?

  • What is the biggest issue on your desk today?

  • What is your CEO’s top three priorities for the next 12 months?

  • Do you have confidence that you understand and have addre...

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