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CRM for Small Business

There are many great Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs available today. However, one of the problems is that they can be expensive and may offer more options than many small businesses need. CRM programs can cost anywhere from $400 to $1,000 for a program you install on your hard drive. If you use a web based product you may end up spending $60 or more per month per user.

Many of your clients utilize Microsoft Outlook as their primary contact program. There are many effective programs that sync with Outlook that might be a good CRM alternative.

What you want to look for

Make sure that the program you select has the following features:

  • The correct version for your Outlook program year

  • Can sync with mobile devices

  • Provides a dashboard for sales activity

  • Outlook inbound and outbound emails are included

  • Can attach files and other documents

  • Has the ability to creates tasks and scheduling

  • Provides a sales funnel

CRM should be easy, intuitive and work the way you work. CRM shouldn't just be a tool for management but more importantly should be a solution embraced and loved by the end users too. Any CRM program should allow for individual Outlook emails to be sent to contacts or users from within the CRM system. When scheduling appointments, individual activities should also be added to your Outlook calendar.

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