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Are Artificial Intelligence Writing Tools Effective?

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) programs has allowed some people to streamline content development. Simple AI writing tools are available for spelling and grammar checks, while more advanced programs provide copywriting and content generation with the click of a few buttons. Some businesses even consider bringing content services in-house with the rise of AI tools.

AI tools pull content from web pages, so accuracy may be diluted, especially if the content used by AI is not accurate.

Is it worth using such tools when Google is clearly against AI-generated content?

Let us look at the pros and cons.

The Pros of AI Tools

  • Low cost

  • Reduces research time

  • Helps overcome writer’s block

The Cons of AI Tools

  • Quality and plagiarism concerns

  • Google will devalue and diminish AI content

  • Reduced SEO effectiveness

  • Lacks creativity and originality

  • AI ontent is not up to date, as most only reference up to 2020


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