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Top Human Resources Issues For Small Business

We live in a rapidly changing world. These changes include how we manage and lead employees. Recent studies by Human Resources professionals identified a number of challenges facing employers of all sizes.

  1. Retaining and developing top performers- As the workforce gets older, finding ways to attract younger employees will be important. Developing new nontraditional compensation formulas and work hour flexibility will help attract and retain top performers.

  2. Employee training- An employee development plan will move your organization closer to its long term strategic goals.

  3. Technology- Keeping your organizations technology up to date (hardware & software) will be critical in your future success.

  4. Understanding compliance issues- There are increasing federal, state, and even local statutes, laws, and rules that every business must follow. Developing an understanding of these mandates will help keep your business out of trouble.

  5. Failure to have written job descriptions- Every job should have a specific job description outlining the tasks necessary to complete the job. This should include skills and training needed by the employee.

  6. Lack of a formal hiring process- Every business should have a hiring process that includes:

  7. Detailed application

  8. Background checks

  9. Past employer reference checks

  10. Drug testing, if needed

  11. An interview process that includes more than one person

  12. Personality testing if appropriate

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