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Social Media For Insurance Agencies

Insurance social networking truly is the new way to market and create an extraordinary number of relationships. With print media on the decline and the number of web based networks growing, this is one medium that is demanding attention as it grows. Remember you want to develop a strategy based on your mission. Daily management of your program will ensure that you grow your influence and agency


Make Sure You Have Full Support From The Top. If the boss is not on board, he/she will not like to see you blogging and tweeting throughout the day.

Two Social Media Should be Part of Your Overall Marketing Plan Your company’s marketing or PR program should have a strong social mediaelement. These should complement and be dependent upon each other.

Three Have a Consistent Message You may have a blog, twitter and or Face Book pages. All these need to have a similar theme and message. This can be difficult if you have more than one person involved in implementing your strategy. Have one person be the gate keeper of the information flow. Always remember the three E’s Educate, Enlighten, Entertain.

Four Be Consistent This means you will need to manage your social media on a daily basis. that is it, no other review needed. Work it!

Five Social media is best when it is communicated in simple human terms. Do not use corporate double talk or hide behind your brand.

Now – Win The Day!

Bob Lilly

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