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How an Agent Can Go From a Vendor to a Trusted Advisor

Insurance cannot be viewed as a product, but rather a relationship. Insurance buyers need to understand that the insurance relationship consists of the agent, the buyer, and the insurer. The insurer does not really care about the buyer; they offer a set of products. The agent is the one who should care about the buyer, and develop a relationship through education, not selling.

You will not move from a vendor to trusted advisor overnight. Here are the stages: vendor, credible source, problem solver, then trusted advisor.

What Are the steps an agent should consider?

  • Understand the needs of your client

  • Know your client’s industry

  • Be willing to do some work without compensation

  • Stop selling and do more educating

  • Develop other contacts within the business

  • Be willing to evaluate business processes

  • Don’t assume insurance holds all the answers

  • Ask your client to allow you access to information

  • Help them identify emerging issues and needs of their business and industry

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