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2020 will go down as a year to forget, or maybe we should remember it. The insurance industry is going through shifts and changes; technology, cyber liability, advances in underwriting, and digital marketing. The agency of the future should consider the following.

Revamp your digital efforts. Consumers now expect streamlined digital experiences. From the first time they encounter a business, all the way through to service interactions. These should include; email marketing, social media, and active blogging on your web page.

Make it mobile-friendly. Make your insurance website mobile-friendly so your customers on-the-go can easily access your information if they need it

Finds ways to attract millennials. Millennials are now the largest generation of adults in the U.S, according to Pew Research Center, and independent insurance agents must learn how to more effectively attract and retain millennial clients.

Find ways to share your knowledge. The best way to connect to your market is to provide useful knowledge.

Start referral partnerships. Enter into a mutually beneficial agreement with a referral partner (i.e., accountant, car dealership) with the objective of sending each other hot leads.

Invest in your staff. To grow your business, you must invest in your greatest asset: your employees. They are the lifeblood of your agency, so the importance of investing in them initially—and with continued training—can not be overemphasized.

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