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Is Selling Finished?

You can read articles every day on the internet about how traditional selling is dead, and that we all need to embrace the new age of selling. Here are some of the titles of articles on selling I found during an internet search this last month.

  • “Selling is Dead, Sales Live On”

  • “Social Media is the New Producer”

  • “Is Relationship Selling Dead?”

  • “How to Sell--New Age Terms”

  • “Sell with Intensity”

  • “Always Be Closing”

  • “Tell Your Story When Selling”

Now I am sure all these articles have good information, but many are missing the point. If I had to re-title these I would start with; “EDUCATE, DON’T SELL.” However, that may be easier said than done. So I thought it might be fun to identify a number of steps we use to change a mindset from selling to educating.

The result, hopefully, will be a new way of thinking about insurance sales, and customers who demand more from their agents.

How the best sales people can look and act like educators

We explain our mission of providing insurance education, with or without a sale.

It is important to develop risk solutions that do not involve insurance.

We will utilize other professionals to help create solutions and educate our clients.

There is real value in looking for problems, then create solutions.

We volunteer our advice upfront and suggest an alternate solution that will likely serve our clients better.

Selling is educating, so the more we teach clients about the solutions, value, and benefits we offer, the more educated our customers will be.


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