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Resolutions For Insurance Agents

People are hungry for great customer service. On average, 40% of customers who suffer through bad experiences stop doing business with the offending company. However, a company should not deliver outstanding customer service just to make money—they should do it because it is the right thing to do. We believe that a happy and satisfied customer will become your ally, and you become their trusted advisor.

Insurance is a promise from the insurer to cover your claim or loss per the terms of the policy. What many people fail to understand is that policies or “promises” differ from company to company. If you never have a claim, then you do not know if the insurer will live up to the promise you think they have made. However, if you do have a claim, you want the promises kept. We believe that a promise and security are important enough to mandate a conversation with a professional agent who understands the importance of education.

We believe without question that insurance is a noble profession. Insurance nobility involves informing the client that insurance may not be the only option, or that even another agent who specializes in their specific industry may serve them better.

Seek to understand. As Steven Covey so succinctly said it in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, “Seek first to understand, and then to be understood.”

Clients may not always understand that there may be other ways to handle a risk. A trusted advisor is in the education business, not the selling insurance business.

The trusted advisor cuts through the clutter to find the right solution that will solve problems, not just offer a product.

Consider redefining success. A successful or effective insurance program is not about low cost. A new definition of success is to have an insurance and risk program that address the risks you have, and choose to have, insured. Some risk you may desire to self-insure and others you may want to transfer to an insurance company.

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