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Improve Employee Morale On A Budget

Keeping employee morale high is a tough proposition for even the best organizations. It is very true, money can’t buy happiness. So here are a few ways to improve employee morale on a budget.

Happy workers are 12 percent more productive according to a study led by Professor Andrew Oswald at Warwick Business School.Unhappy employees on the other hand can be detrimental to your business. Not only are they less productive and absent more, if they end up walking out the door, you’ll be paying the price for months or years to come. A recent study by Accenture, reports that a whopping 43% of the workforce cites ‘lack of recognition’ as the reason for their unhappiness.

Here are some ideas to help you improve employee morale

  • Let people know they are appreciated. It can as simple as “great job” or “thank you”

  • Give top performers more responsibility

  • Have monthly round table meetings with the agenda of solving problems

  • Start a book exchange

  • Give an extra hour for lunch for those giving an extra effort

  • Make sure top management is available, listening and engaging

  • Schedule parties (Halloween, Christmas, 4th of July)

  • Celebrate birthdays

  • Offer flex time

  • Start a boss for a day program

  • Allow people to work from home, if it fits the job function

  • Take time to creatively celebrate accomplishments

  • Revise the company mission statement to include all employees and departments to ensure each employee feels as though they are an integral part of the company’s future

  • Give employees a chance to help others, support a charity

Creating an engagedworkforce does not have to break your budget. No go win the day!

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