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A Call To Agents

The best relationships are built to last. Long-term financial relationships are much more than a quick transaction or low price. Recent surveys by JD Power & Associates found that consumers actually valued long-term relationships. There are many ways agents can build value and create lasting positive relationships with their clients.

Why Lasting Relationships Matter

If you listen to most insurance advertisements, they tell you to shop your insurance every year and over time, you may save money. The problem with this concept is insurance is not a specific “one size fits all” product that you might buy and expect to be what you need. For example, when you buy a faucet, you would not buy all the individual components of a faucet, put it together yourself, and hope it worked. Rather, you purchase a completed faucet, install it, and it works for years as promised when you bought it.

With insurance, you go into a contractual agreement with the insurer that your claim will be paid based on the terms of the policy. Insurance is unique and it takes knowledge and skill to put together the right combination of coverage for each individual. Why would anyone build an insurance product themselves when a professional, experienced, and licensed agent can do it better?

How Agents Help Build Lasting Relationships

  1. By educating their clients rather than selling a product.

  2. Agents are always keeping up on the latest issues and trends to share with their clients.

  3. You can call their office and get a professional team member who knows who you are.

  4. Agents will meet you where you are.

  5. Life-changing events may require a meeting with your agent; we are here for you.

  6. Instead of calling a voicemail or making an appointment, interested consumers can speak directly with an agent immediately and ask any question they choose.

  7. Agents know what your insurance policies cover and do not cover, which helps you when you have a claim.

  8. An agent will take the lead and work through a claim to make sure you are satisfied.

In conclusion, our marketing plan is not based on internet ads, or catchy slogans, our marketing plan is to have completely happy and satisfied customers and build long-lasting relationships.

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